Welcome to HungerMitao Tarrant!

Join HungerMitao Tarrant in  support of Tarrant Area Food Bank's mission to fight hunger across the 13 counties it serves. The efficiencies of TAFB enables a single dollar to be stretched into 5 meals, making the impact of our collective donations significant.

In our area, 1 in 6 people are experiencing food insecurity- meaning they do not know where their next meal will come from. The need for food assistance and related services has gone up exponentially due to the effects of COVID-19. Tarrant Area Food Bank depends on our generosity to feed them. Thank you so much for your gift today.

About HungerMitao:
HungerMitao is a volunteer-driven grassroots movement focused on raising awareness about hunger in the USA, improving community engagement, as well as channeling resources and contributions of the Indian American community to fight hunger through the Feeding America network of food banks. 

Founders' Circle:
You have the opportunity to help launch HungerMitao Tarrant and make a lasting impact in the lives of the hungry by joining the Founders' Circle.
Contact Lisa Schick at lisa.schick@tafb.org for more information or to join. 

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